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Creating a Sales Dashboard to Track Your Results

Apr 27, 2023

Creating a Sales Dashboard to Track Your Results

If you own a business, having a clear understanding of your sales results is essential to making informed decisions. A sales dashboard can help you track how well your products or services are performing and identify areas for improvement.

What is a Sales Dashboard?

A sales dashboard is an interactive tool that allows you to easily display and review your sales performance. It provides an overview of your sales data and helps you quickly identify key trends and patterns. A sales dashboard typically includes charts, graphs, and tables that illustrate the performance of your products or services.

Why Use a Sales Dashboard?

Having a sales dashboard enables you to track your sales performance in real time. This allows you to quickly identify which products or services are performing best, as well as those that need improvement. A sales dashboard also helps you identify key trends and patterns that can be used to inform strategic decisions.

In addition, a sales dashboard can help you identify potential new markets and opportunities. By tracking your sales performance, you can identify areas that could benefit from additional focus or resources.

How to Create a Sales Dashboard

Creating a sales dashboard requires a few simple steps. First, decide which metrics you want to track. Common sales metrics include number of leads, conversion rate, average order value, customer lifetime value, and customer retention rate.

Next, connect your data sources to the dashboard. This can include your CRM, customer service system, ecommerce platform, and other sources. Once the data is connected, you can start building the dashboard.

When building the dashboard, consider the type of information you want to display. For example, you may want to display customer segments, average order value, and customer lifetime value on one page. You may also want to include charts and graphs that illustrate trends over time.

Finally, review the dashboard regularly. This will help you identify any issues or opportunities and make adjustments as needed.


A sales dashboard is a powerful tool for tracking your sales performance and making informed decisions. It enables you to quickly identify areas of opportunity and address any issues that may arise. By creating a sales dashboard, you can ensure your business is on the right track and make data-driven decisions.

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