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Recruitment Agency

Find companies that are hiring for the roles you offer. Pitch a personalized list of candidates. Then reach out across LinkedIn and email.

Find companies hiring for roles you offer

Using our Actively Hiring Companies filter, you can find companies hiring for the specific roles you offer. For example, you can find CTOs of companies hiring for software engineers. We merge job platform data with LinkedIn profiles and verified work emails, so you don’t have to jump between 5 platforms to get what you need.

Pitch personalized candidates

Once you know who your recipient is hiring, pitch them specific candidates. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, our cutting edge AI algorithm will ingest your company’s value prop and the candidate you are pitching, and personalize it to the recipient’s specific hiring needs.

Send messages across channels

Now that your messages have been generated, you can reach your recipients across channels, from LinkedIn DMs to emails. We have built in sequences that integrate with any CRM, from Salesforce to Hubspot.

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