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Find founders of Shopify-powered e-Commerce stores in seconds.

Customized e-Commerce Store Founder Search

With Hyperscale's AI-powered Company Search filter, effortlessly pinpoint relevant e-commerce brands that match your desired criteria, such as company size, industry, and location. Expand your reach and target the right Shopify store founders with precision.

Tailored Messaging for Maximum Impact

Leverage the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-4 to create personalized messages for each recipient. Hyperscale adapts your value proposition based on the distributor's location and the founder's LinkedIn profile summary, ensuring every message resonates with its intended audience.

Multi-Channel Outreach for Optimal Engagement

Recognizing that e-commerce store founders often prioritize platforms like Instagram for audience engagement, Hyperscale supports outreach via email, LinkedIn, and Instagram sequences. Reach Shopify store founders where they're most active, and boost your chances of making meaningful connections.

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