Apparel and Fashion

Experience the power of the AI automated sales tool designed to help you find the perfect influencers in your product category and boost your Shopify store's growth through viral word-of-mouth. Leverage our unique blend of location-based search and Instagram DMs to elevate your eCommerce success.

Pinpoint Influencers with the Ideal Audience

Utilize Hyperscale's Influencer Search to filter influencers by location, subscriber count, and influencer type, ensuring that you connect with the right audience to scale your product. Find the perfect partners to amplify your brand's reach and impact.

Optimize Outreach on Multiple Platforms

Recognizing that many influencers no longer monitor their own emails, Hyperscale supports outreach efforts through email, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube sequences. Reach influencers where they are most active and maximize the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns.

Target Influencers Based on Content and Niche

Hyperscale enables you to search for influencers based on their existing content and niche, allowing you to find the perfect match for promoting your product. Connect with influencers who have the ideal audience for your brand and unleash your product's true potential.

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